KJC Design are an experienced
and dynamic team of mechanical design engineers.

The reason we get out of bed every morning.

is for the thrill of the design and the challenge of exploring.

Using KJC Design Solutions

will boost your design process like no other.

We are like the perpetual 5 year old that is always asking why?

this inquisitive thinking helps us to really get under the skin of the issue so we can create the best designs for our customers.


We have experience working in a wide variety of engineering sectors.


We have the capacity to analyse all mechanical designs we create to optimise their performance for required function.



Projects are often separate to usual business activities, requiring people to come together to focus on specific objectives.


As well as being highly experienced mechanical design engineers, we also like to make our designs look great.

KJC have design packages
for every business.

Our customer’s handover their ideas and concepts for us to take forward for them and to successfully do this, we need to challenge our thinking and look beyond the obvious.

3D Printing Packages

Starting from
3D Printing Packages
£5 per Component
  • Power Elite Support
  • 27+ Design Hours
  • 115+ Build Hours

Visualisation Packages

Starting from
Visualisation Packages
£160 per month
  • Power Elite Support
  • 40+ Design Hours
  • 150+ Build Hours

Our Clients.